The Princess Daleks

The Princess Daleks

This one is for Meg Cabot‘s The Princess Diaries (and yes, I’ve read them – they’re bright and entertaining and explicitly critical of the movie). I’m posting this while it’s still nearly topical, but in case you weren’t aware of the royal wedding, there was some remarkable headgear in it.

It’s the second installment in the Dalek game.

6 thoughts on “The Princess Daleks

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  2. How can the books be critical of the movie if the movies are adaptations of the books? (Not that I don’t agree with you. But Julie Andrews is splendid.)

    • I think there were only 1 or 2 books out when the movie was made. In the books after that, Mia mentions the effects of having a movie made about your life, and the things it changed or got wrong :)

      • Ah, that makes sense– I only read the first few, when my daughters got them from the library. (And, I think, the one in which she finally gets to live happily ever after as a princess should.)

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