Dalek Shrugged

Dalek Shrugged

This is the eighth installment in the Dalek Game and is for Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which I have not read.

If anyone is waiting, breathless, to see whether I survived my trip to Sydney, I will post the rest of the drawings tonight or tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Dalek Shrugged

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  2. Now I am wondering how a Dalek would say “Who is John Galt?” But Ayn Rand’s protagonists such as Dagny Taggart could very well make common cause with the Doctor against the Daleks!

      • That is actually a tougher question than I might have thought. I cannot say Atlas Shrugged is a great novel by any means…but if one has lived in the United States since 2008 or so it has been uncanny to see so much of what Rand wrote about in the 1950’s coming TRUE.

        By no means did Rand write from a Christian viewpoint – but I think she had a very good understanding of human nature, which is why she could seemingly see into the future. (Part of that came from her own experiences in Soviet Russia.) Where the Christian would say the answer to the problem of sinful human nature is the Gospel, Rand saw it as being an appeal to what I would call “enlightened self-interest” and that is what comes through in Atlas Shrugged.

        To try to shorten this a bit, I think it is worth reading, perhaps more so for Americans rather than Australians at this point in time – at least I HOPE Oz is better off than the USA.

  3. If you want to read Rand, I would strongly suggest The Fountainhead instead of Atlas Shrugged. It is an actual story with character development and a strong moral argument for the protagonist’s view. AS is very one-dimensional and uses sanctimony in lieu of cogent arguments for her views.

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