Illustration Friday: Shadows

Illustration Friday: Shadows

“The long red-carpeted hall was full of shadows from the one lonely light burning in the middle of the ceiling. Their long coiling shapes looked like dragons. Janet did not mention this to Molly.” – Tam Lin, Pamela Dean

A very little (much smaller than shown here) pen and ink sketch I did last night, while working out the style for another piece. Digital colour.

In other news: it is abruptly cold and I may wear gloves to bed; I have an exam in the morning which just shows bad management and MUST NOT HAPPEN AGAIN; I got an email earlier this week which was a wish I made (aloud on this blog a few years ago) come true; my voice is back; I have a few excellent illustration projects in various stages of completion and shall unveil them in due course; ASIM #51 is out and I have my copies – I have put up a post on doing the cover art and will do another on the interior illustration process soon; and the Dalek game continues.

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