Illustration Friday: Swept

Illustration Friday: Swept

Pen and ink fairytale illustration with colour and texture added digitally. Influenced by a book of vintage illustrations and my teacups. This does not happen when I sweep. But I would sweep more often if it did, or if I had that overdress. My birthday is in May so there is plenty of time if someone wants to make me one.

In other news: Some friends have made a book of comics! It is an anthology called Kinds of Blue, and it is on the theme of depression, and I did the art for two. We are looking for help to launch and print it – you can find out more information and see the comics from here: Kinds of Blue

Edited to add: Oh, and look-look-look! I completely missed the publication announcement, but I did this cover for Geoffrey Ryman’s The Child Garden (from the marvellous Small Beer Press).

5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Swept

  1. This looks like an illo from a Folio edition of fairy tales. It reminds me of an illustration for a Chinese version of Aladdin. :)

  2. I think I agree with Aimee – this could well be an Oriental version of Aladdin. Very nice.

    And I REALLY like the cover drawing for the book The Child Garden. It fits the premise for the book so well, and honestly, the premise for the book really catches the imagination. At least it catches MINE so well I am going to have to find a copy of it!

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