Illustration Friday: Launch

Illustration Friday: Launch

Sepia pen, ink and wash, with flat colour added on the computer. Thanks to my mother and older sister for striking poses on the weekend, when I was working out what to draw, and these are not portraits by any means! I have also been asked to delete the photographs…

In other news, our group comic anthology on the theme of depression, Kinds of Blue, is fully funded and will be printed before very long! If you would like to order a copy in advance (and we’d love it if you did!), you can do so (and see more information and the whole anthology) from here:

10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Launch

  1. How funny. I’ve had an idea for a story about a little pixie using a big, flat leaf as a barge. I had the idea when swimming on a windy day when my pool was filling up with leaves. Great minds think alike?

    This is a very ‘active’ drawing. I can see the leaf scudding across the puddle.

  2. I like this illustration, Kathleen, but that is not true – I love it!! You can see movement, and activity and these ladies are going places! Well done!!
    Have a great week.

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