Regency Dalek

Regency Dalek

This is for Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck (hilarious book, not quite what the title would suggest). I promise faithfully that this is the last Heyer Dalek for some time. Part of the Dalek Game.

In other news: I just took a milo cake out of the oven. The illustrations I did for Nicole Murphy’s secret project are in the wild, but you’ll have to go hunting for them as it has only been downgraded from secret to clandestine. I’ve been writing and having portrait parties and sitting in the sun at markets sketching with friends. I also wrote a new story, about quests and grandmothers and high hills, and have acquired a very beautiful couch from Angela Slatter (part of my collection of literary chairs) but it is in the car because I didn’t think through this end of the removal thoroughly. I will draw it when I can press someone into helping me carry it. I’m wondering whether to use the notorious bottle of blue wine to poach peaches.

9 thoughts on “Regency Dalek

  1. I want your life. And I want this Dalek. Possibly my favourite so far! So don’t say you won’t do any more Heyer Daleks…

  2. I love this Dalek. In fact, this dalek could be a bridesmaid *lol*. Though going to that link for cake was very ebil (the dalek made me do it…)

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  4. I have been enjoying the dalek game quite a bit.

    Also, I think the new header is great! I have been following your blog for over a year now and I think the July header is my favorite so far!

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