Dalek on the Orient Express

Dalek on the Orient Express

This is, of course, for Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express (and not by any means the last Christie title which may make it into the the Dalek Game.

In other news, here is the new header for July:
July Header

10 thoughts on “Dalek on the Orient Express

  1. PS There is SO an episode of Doctor Who in this. Why not? Can’t you just see it? Doctor and co. arriving on the Orient Express, mysterious murder, and lo and behold, there are Daleks in the cargo… Or some other aliens, probably. Chameleon ones. Or shapeshifters. Or a big googly monster or a wad of gum with teeth that is stuck to the ceiling… But I like the idea of invisible aliens or aliens pretending to be people… Hm… fanfic anyone? Or a tweet to Mark Gatis?

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