Illustration Friday: Stay

Pen, sepia ink and wash, with background texture scanned out of an old book and added on the computer. This came from two sources – looking at Tenniel’s dark-eyed Alice in Wonderland illustrations (which I always remember as crisp and proper but which actually have a rather sketchy line), and the “Reader’s Digest version of Titanic” which was on the wall in my hall in college for several years and ran, I recall, like this:

ROSE: Hello, I am a wealthy girl.
JACK: I am a ship’s rat.
ROSE: Let’s frolic around the ship and have fun.
ROSE: Never let go!

In other news: On the weekend, I drew heroic ducks. Polished tables are great, because spilled ink wipes right off. I bought a book of vampire paper dolls, which is less dangerous than it sounds, but still both funny and awesome. It has Count Orlok and Spike and Varney the Vampire (who sounds like a muppet but is an actual classic of the genre). But, alas, no Count (“no, wait, why don’t we… cooperate!”).