The Little Dalek

The Little Dalek

This is for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, because – well – fantasy, aviation, reconaissance aircraft, disappearances, conspiracy theories… and that’s just the author.

Part of the Dalek Game.

I quite like fantasy-with-machines. It overlaps with Steampunk, but isn’t quite the same thing – it’s more like Miyazaki’s mechanics and Diana Wynne Jones’ fantasy world going through an industrial revolution. And I really like early aviation – I was rather pleased to get to illustrate an aviation story for an upcoming anthology (bonus: in aviation stories I get to draw clouds!).

11 thoughts on “The Little Dalek

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  2. Now I want to see a dalek swallowed by a boa constrictor. I suspect the dalek wants to see a doctor swallowed by a boa constrictor. No-one wants to see a TARDIS swallowed by a boa contrictor because in three minutes time the boa constrictor would be gapinginly empty, which is cruelty to boa constrictors. If the TARDIS were swallowed by a feather boa, that would be quite different. (Me? Overtired? Perish the thought!)

  3. The TARDIS lurking on the far side of the Little Dalek’s planet is a lovely touch – after all, the novel does feature a man who travels through space and time: the aviator. This is a rather pleasing mash-up on several levels. And I am glad to see it didn’t exterminate the Rose.

  4. I TRIED to read that book, I really did — in honour of the etching thingy “Kleiner Prinz” (Little Prince) on my wall (you know it)…and failed…gave up I mean. But I did eventually manage to get in touch with Thomas Moser and confirm the etching was HIS non-Dalek interpretation of Kleiner Prinz. Not sure if I ever told you that. His reply was:

    “indeed the “Little Prince”-etching is inspired by the novella by Saint-Exupery.
    Many years ago I have read this wonderful book. It was very close to my imaginative world and it touched me very much.
    I understand the message of the story of the “Little Prince”, as somebody, who has to travel far away first to find home again.
    A train is for me the synonymous of traveling.
    And this little train with his little crown has to make also a long travel to come home.

    best regards to you and your whole family

    Thomas Möser”

  5. I found your blog via Pinterest, where many people posted your Dalek game illustrations – and as much as I enjoy the illustrations, I’m even more pleased that I share your taste in books and will keep reading your blog just for the fun of it, Daleks or not. But, for the record, The Little Dalek is by far my favorite of the illustrations.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I’m on Pinterest, sort of – I will be back once I get a fully functional computer. And I am glad that you like this one, and books, and all good things ;)

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