The Dalek in the Rye

The Dalek in the Rye

This one is for The Catcher in the Rye which I have not yet read (I plead Australian), but feel I ought to. This is part of the Dalek Game.

I like drawing clouds.

I’m not quite so keen on drawing hats and unicorns, but here is a drawing for “The Maltese Unicorn”, drawn for Ellen Datlow’s Supernatural Noir contest. I drew another title as well (which I have not posted because I think I am unhappy with the colours), which gave rise to 1500 words of story idea (also influenced by recent troubles with drains) and several roughed-out comic pages, which gives me two works in progress to submit to an upcoming anthology and makes me feel very virtuous.


8 thoughts on “The Dalek in the Rye

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  2. I probably have the biggest library of unicorn images in the world. :) What is worrying you are the legs, which are too short and spindly for something as elegant as a unicorn. Think ‘goat’ or ‘deer’ rather than horse and that might help.

    That Dalek needs a scythe as one of its implements. :)

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