Last night I had house guests and hadn’t drawn my Illustration Friday picture yet. The topic was “Perennial” and I had been thinking of drawing something associated with Casablanca (“the fundamental things apply/as time goes by” etc). I could recount the plot of Casablanca fairly well, but only ever manage to retain a very hazy impression of the actual scenes in the movie. So we invented a game, and called it “You must remember this”. The rules are: everyone chooses (or has chosen for them) a classic movie which, as members of the human race, they ought to know, and then they have to draw the plot WHETHER THEY HAVE SEEN IT OR NOT.

So here are the results (click on the pictures to see them at full size):

My impression of Casablanca which I have seen many times and yet doesn’t stick:

I told Aimee that I wanted to start buying some original art, but to theme it with B-movie posters. Aimee objected and her punishment was to draw a version of The Wolfman, which she has never seen:

Lisa’s recollection of Gone With the Wind (drawn on an iPad):

And Aimee’s vague understanding of Van Helsing, based on a long history of clamorous complaints by me (and Rachel, who wasn’t with us):

In other news, I am drinking Turkish apple tea (from Turkey, a gift from Aimee), eating pomegranate delight and have just finished reading a book you haven’t read yet. Aimee has been sent home for being too exciteable and Lisa is sitting at my dining table embroidering. She was quite quiet, but she just looked up from pulling the needle through the fabric and said, “Ohh! I can’t wait for Doctor Who to start!” Edit: Now she is talking to her embroidery floss.