Death: The High Cost of Daleks


This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Neil Gaiman’s Death: The High Cost of Living, and also for our local ABC shops where I frequently linger over Doctor Who merchandise (and do not buy – this is much easier now that I have two threshhold questions: (1) do I want to dust this? and (2) do I want to have to pack this to evacuate?). It is also the second Gaiman Dalek (the first was the Graveyard Dalek) and is attributable to Peter M Ball and Angela Slatter‘s harassment.

3 thoughts on “Death: The High Cost of Daleks

  1. Nerdgasm!!! Not only have you absolutely NAILEd Death; I adore the idea that she is as big a Whovian as I am. I think this just became my utter favourite in the Dalek Game … until you do a Terry Pratchett Dalek. And maybe even then…

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