Pride and Prejudice and Daleks

Pride and Prejudice and Daleks

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

As you may have worked out, I love reworkings, reimaginings, reinterpretations and covers. I adore She Will Have Her Way, and was thrilled when I worked out Clueless was a rewrite of Emma (to be fair, I saw it in German first so I was just trying to keep up with the conversations). I love – as I did last recently – watching the Half Hour Hamlet and the Express Macbeth in a park performance and then seeing a community theatre production of Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters which reworks both plays again. I liked Bridget Jones, who has already featured in the Dalek Game: Bridget Jones’s Dalek.

And yes, I have read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and liked very much the following things:

  1. That Seth Grahame-Smith had the idea at all.
  2. That he actually ran with it and put something out there in the world.
  3. That it got published.
  4. That he obviously read the whole of the original novel.

And I remain disappointed that it never (for me) quite lifted above a gimmick, because there were these odd moments in the book when it hinted at something more than “Pride and Prejudice… with zombies! (and lots of vomiting)” and started to become a story on its own terms. So I’m disappointed for the story that it wasn’t, which I suppose isn’t fair – it was a wildly successful gimmick.

7 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice and Daleks

  1. I think that you make a valid point. I think that the main disappointment with these mash-ups is that they don’t actually realise the full potential of the genre. I’d like to see it moving past the gimmick stage and into a proper genre. As for the illustration … delightful!

    • I suppose when they move past it they – well, move past it. Take, for example, Pirates of the Caribbean – I keep pointing out that whatever you may say about it (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) it is far better than we had any right to expect for a movie based on a theme park ride. Most people have forgotten that.

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  3. From the somewhat baffled despondency of the Dalek and the fleeing girls, I take it this Dalek has taken the place of Mr Collins?
    These are all brilliant, by the way!

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