Moby Dalek

This instalment of the Dalek Game was inevitable.

There are classic novels which were inflicted upon my consciousness at an early age – with many of these books, I could tell you a great deal about them, discuss unusual characters and memorable scenes and the author’s research. I could not, however, swear to having actually read them. In consequence, I have a strong impression of having read Moby Dick but no actual memory of doing so.

My favourite use of the book’s most famous line, however, is in Sean William’s and Simon Brown’s short story “The Masque of Agamemnon” which is, conveniently, online. I read it in Simon Brown’s anthology, Troy, which is where I discovered that he wrote the first Australian science fiction story I read and remembered: “Imagining Ajax”.

In other news: I am about to go off to the Ekka and return with sketches and/or a sick headache (because I never overdo things). I have got my act together and edited a story – it took half an hour and none of the last two months’ worth of griping about it was justified. I made rice pudding last night for the first time – it looked like Yorkshire pudding. Everything I have promised everyone is in the process of being worked on. My house is also marginally tidier. Procrastination, however, has not yet reached the point of guitar practice.

CSFG’s Winds of Change anthology has been announced – I illustrated Maxine McArthur’s story “The Soul of the Machine”.  The table of contents for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 52 has also been announced – I illustrated Liz Colter’s “The Unseen Truths” and my own (!) story, “Undine Love”. Did I mention I have a story in it?