Illustration Friday: Swell

A sprained ankle sketch for this week’s Illustration Friday topic – pen and ink with colour added on the computer. It’s such a cliched scene in stories, adventures, novels but I do like it – probably because when I used to go over on my ankle frequently I wished someone would help me. As it was, I used to have to hop across campus to the medical centre, pausing from time to time to lean on signs and recover.

This is an interesting pose to sort out the balance in – I’d like to try it again.

In other news: I was sketching at the Ekka this week and will post the pages soon. And tomorrow – the next Dalek!

Edit: Argh – posted just as the topic changed.

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Swell

  1. Oh please please – a terribly impertinent request but one I’m going to make all the same – change the look on the guy’s face to be a big grin. I can just imagine him being all “I’m saving the maiden! Huzzah!” and her thinking “Dangit, now I can’t garden for a few days.”

  2. Nice one! I have flimsy ankles that have suffered many a twist, & never once did a handsome bearded stranger in a tunic appear to rescue me. *sigh*

    (I was late getting my “Swell” in too. Luckily the cops don’t bother with such small crimes.)

  3. Not sure if it’s intentional, but I can imagine them saying “oh swell!”

    Actually it looks like she’s embarrassed he finally noticed her B.O. when he picked her up. But in the back of his mind – oh, she’s as light as a feather! Lucky, because we have to go back anywhere up to 3 miles to find where we dropped her other shoe.

    BTW, love the creases & ‘hang’ of the dress.

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