20s Daleks

There was some discussion on Twitter a few weeks ago and an… arrangement was entered into between Tansy Rayner Roberts and myself. The discussion touched on the feasibility of a Flapper Dalek as part of the Dalek Game, and I fulfilled my half of the bargain as follows:

Roxie Dalek

This is for Roxie Hart, one of the movies made of the play which is best known as Chicago.

However, the idea was then broached (possibly by me) of a fashion plate version.

'20s Dalek

And here is a colour version – just because.

High Fashion Daleks

I’ve called it ’20s Dalek for Sophie Kinsella’s ’20s Girl because it was the only title I could think of which would let me draw the picture I wanted, which is why I do not recommend playing this game backwards.

10 thoughts on “20s Daleks

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  2. And if these daleks come to the banquet, it’s your fault. (can we get an airship dalek to balance the flappers? Please? Or maybe a daring female pilot dalek?)

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