Ekka 2011

On Wednesday, People’s Day, I went to the Ekka armed with my sketchbook and the intention of eating all the wonderful/awful things. It was a very satisfactory day.

Note: You can see larger versions of these sketches by clicking on them to go through to their Flickr page.

Here are people at the train station, and one of my favourite events to sketch: the woodchop. It is a very fast competition, which turns sketching into a race. This year there was a bonus Lord Mayor.

Page 15

I wandered through the cattle pavilions making myself homesick, but I can rarely find anywhere good to sketch there – they are very popular, and because the exhibitors camp out there as well, it feels like walking into someone’s living room and drawing them. If people kept cows in their living rooms.

I like sitting in the stands watching the working dog trials as well, although the dogs are so tiny and far away. The crowd gets incredibly tense – and on the right, below, are some of the beautiful adoption greyhounds. Every year I almost convince myself I need a dog.

Page 16

But who could choose just one? The giant Schnauzers and the Belgian shepherds were the prettiest to draw, but that’s a tough call. In the blacksmith’s and farrier’s tent it smelled like burning hair, and was full of enormous hairy cart horses, and lounging men wearing leather aprons.

Page 17


Page 18Then I met up with K and C and rode the CarnEvil ride, and walked back into the valley to sketch with Shayna at Kerbside, and had a very satisfactory view of the fireworks from the footpath.

7 thoughts on “Ekka 2011

  1. Gorgeous sketches.

    It’s funny, I’ve lived in the country for two years now, but your drawings make me miss the Sydney Royal. And they shouldn’t because…ta DA!…the Easter Show is now my life! Without showbags!

    Still. My Tassie woodchop heroes don’t come to the little country shows. They go to the Sydney Royal. Can I make myself sit on a train for 4 hours there and 4 hours back to see horses that were born and raised two blocks away from my house?


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  3. Sounds like the Calgary Stampede, in some respects – and probably as much fun. Your drawings certainly help make it come alive in our minds. (I suppose I imagine Ekka as being the Calgary Stampede without quite as much stampede!)

    • It’s less of a rodeo and more of a state fair, is the impression I get – woodchop, cooking, sewing, art, cattle breeds, goat breeds, sideshows, rides. But only one person I know has been to Calgary and she went for the music :)

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