Cold Dalek Farm

Cold Dalek Farm

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm. It is one of the earlier Daleks I drew for the game – I’m sitting down soon to ink a stack more which currently exist only on yellow sticky notes.

In other news, here is a new blog header for September!

September Header

13 thoughts on “Cold Dalek Farm

  1. Are you left-handed?

    I was staring at your header wondering what it was I found different about it and I realised…I don’t think I have EVER sketched my right hand. Ha ha!

    Also…I realised my copy of Cold Comfort Farm is stolen from a friend who I haven’t had contact with for ten years. OOPS.

    • Heheh. No, I’m right handed but I wanted this layout so I took a reference photo and flipped it. I go through stages of training myself to write using my left hand, and then I get distracted.

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