A Dalek Like Alice

A Dalek Like Alice

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Nevil Shute’s A Town Like Alice, which has nothing to do with Lewis Carroll, but a great deal to do with World War II, Malaysia, Queensland and entrepeneurship, in consequence of which it has always had a place on my parents’ bookcase. I’m sure I would have seen at least the miniseries at some point, but I remember my mother reading it out to us in the evenings, while my father did the dishes and braided leather or smoked his pipe on the steps. I associate the book with hot dusty evenings and the smells of wood and tobacco smokes and mice (so either we read it during a mouse plague or it was stored in the shed at some point).

In other news: I’m now off to the kitchen table to draw new Daleks.

5 thoughts on “A Dalek Like Alice

  1. It is hard to exterminate a disappearing moggie. :)

    ‘A Town like Alice’ was one of my favourite books in the Eighties, and I loved the mini-series. There is also a movie, but I never thought it was a good as the Australian-made version.

  2. My Mum will tell anyone shew was one of the school kids who welcomed Peter Finch and Virginia McKenna when they arrived in Alice Springs for the shooting of the 1956 movie.

    Daleks wouldn’t survive five minutes in the Outback. “Hydrate! Hydrate!”

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