Illustration Friday: Mesmerizing

Illustration Friday: Mesmerising

Pen and ink with colours and texture added digitally – for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Mesmerizing”.

This is part of an ongoing project raiding many fairytales and ballads (and, although the project is ahistorical, Racinet’s costume history). Our heroine is in a land with a strange sky and papery stars, and has just met a very persuasive gentleman with eyes like chips of mirror.

Below, I have posted the separate layers, because I quite like the effect of the silhouettes:

Illustration Friday: Mesmerising - process

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Mesmerizing

  1. This is gorgeous. As always I love the way you use vintage book textures. And thanks for posting the separate layers – so great to see how you put this together!

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