Brisbane Fashion (sketchbook update)

This is the tail end of the Brisbane floods sketchbook (the full set is here).

By February life was already returning to normal, superficially, and girls were strolling through Queen Street Mall in maxi-dresses:

Page 33

And not so maxi-dresses:

Page 34

Session musicians were playing at the Irish Club:

Page 35

Boys were shamefacedly carrying bright pink shopping bags:

Page 36

I kept trying to draw beer, beards and bodhrans:

Page 37

There was jewelry to buy at twilight markets:

Page 38

There were free plants to acquire in King George Square, and vintage fashion to buy at Mount Gravatt showgrounds:

Page 39

And coffee to drink in cafes attached to bookstores which are now gone:

Page 40

8 thoughts on “Brisbane Fashion (sketchbook update)

    • Hi Anna! I haven’t timed it – not very long (not including all the practice in previous sketchbooks!). I want to get a friend to record a few sketches some time so that I can get an idea.

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  2. These are great, and I too like the colors. Too bad about the bookstores being gone now…were they part of the Borders chain?

    New word for me: bodhran. See, reading “Errantry” makes one more literate!!

    • Yes, Will, it was one of our local Borders. I wasn’t a huge fan (apart from the fact that it was a bookstore), but the collapse took some small publishers with it, to which – grrr.

      And always glad to add to vocabularies :)

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