A Dalek called Paddington

A Dalek called Paddington

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Michael Bond’s A Bear called Paddington. A number of illustrators have drawn Paddington Brown over the years, but my Paddington has always been the one of Peggy Fortnum’s original illustrations.

In other news: I am back from my holiday and will put up more non-Dalek pictures and posts soon, but in the meantime, Steampunk! comes out on Tuesday the 11th, and I have my contributor copies! I may have danced a little bit.

9 thoughts on “A Dalek called Paddington

  1. Somehow I have missed that set of stories about Paddington Bear, but I will have to look for them now!! I like the drawing of “A Dalek Called Paddington”, though – I gather it must be where Paddington is found at the station.

    And congrats ARE in order for the “Steampunk!” publication! Wow! That is indeed something to dance about.

    • They are wonderful! When I went to London I went to every railway station I knew the name of from books, starting with Paddington.

      And thank you – I am very happy!

  2. Congrats on your Steampunk piece! Now, to that Dalek… I laughed out loud, made my husband get out of his chair (he’s always doing that to me). I am in awe of your skills; how could the Doctor see anything vile in a Dalek called Paddington?

  3. Reference to Will’s comment. We Americans were pretty much brought up on American writers only of children’s stories much to our loss. Raising two children in Australia was an eye opener to all the lovely British books and, of course, Australia surely has the best illustrated children’s books.


    • You may well be right. When I was a child the British story books with which I was most familiar were the Dr. Doolittle tales, Winnie the Pooh, and The Wind in the Willows. It begins to seem there must be quite a number of that type of books (such as Paddington Bear) that I have never seen!

      • Maybe I should do a post on some of my favourites, one day – my mother (hello mother!) gave me a big coffee-table-book retrospective of Australian picturebooks for Christmas last year. Aimee and I were looking at it tonight and remembering our favourites.

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