The Dalek at Pooh Corner

The Dalek at Pooh Corner

This part of the Dalek Game is for A. A. Milne’s The House at Pooh Corner, and for E. H. Shephard’s original illustrations (again – I’m a Shephard fan). I can never quite see my beloved characters through the Disney images.

I have a beautiful small hardcover set, in plain cloth binding, of four Pooh books from my grandmother. My favourite part is the opening image of the (stuffed) Winnie being carried by Christopher Robin down the stairs – bump, bump, bump on the back of his head, and thinking that there must be a better way to go down stairs if only he could stop bumping long enough to think of one (true of so much of life). If you haven’t read any other Milne, I also recommend “Once on a Time”, which is a very odd book, and contains Advice to Poets and Strictures on Romance and Gladstone Bags.

There is also an area of land in Brisbane which the army referred to as Pooh Corner. My mother thought that was charming until my father explained there were sewage works in the vicinity.

Current theories: Having seen “The Wedding of River Song”, the current theory in my house is that this season has been the all-time most elaborate set-up ever for a knock-knock joke. Aimee has pre-emptively titled the episode in which all will be revealed, “Awkward Silence Falls”. The back-up theory is that Rory is a Time Lord (although no-one will work this out until his last regeneration) and that the Doctor is a re-evolved Dalek. But I prefer the first.

More Dalek Game: Look at what Trinlayk did – Wee Free Daleks.

Other news: I have put up my sketches, cartoons and evil duck drawings from Conflux 7, and will post some illustration and book cover process posts soon.

9 thoughts on “The Dalek at Pooh Corner

  1. I posted a link to this on Facebook. This is the status I wrote to go with it:

    “One morning in the Hundred Acre Wood, a Dalek of Very Little Brain went for a glide with his best friend in all the world, Piglet. They talked of many things, Piglet of haycorns and Dalek-Pooh of extermination, and Piglet was not scared because Dalek-Pooh was his friend.”

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