Where the Wild Daleks Are

Where the Wild Daleks Are

This instalment of The Dalek Game is for Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. I wanted to like the film, but couldn’t. It was very beautiful and atmospheric, and probably a very good film – but it didn’t have any of the brief wild joy and sturdy comfort of the original story, and I couldn’t watch it and forgive that loss (which was, I think, what the film may have been about). Hook came closer to the flight/adventure/return, and sometimes Labyrinth gets a little of it – but really, Labyrinth is best paired with Sendak’s Outside Over There, which in turn has more of the distant eeriness of the Wild Things film.

My favourite Sendak story, however, is still-and-always One was Johnny, for easily-frustrated little Johnny who “lived by himself and LIKED IT LIKE THAT!”

In other news: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #52 is out, with a story and two illustrations by me (and some by other people) – I talked about them and the process here. And now I must run and eat popcorn and toast marshmallows and draw.

6 thoughts on “Where the Wild Daleks Are

  1. Maurice Sendak will always hold my heart for having created Little Bear, but that’s probably because I’m young enough I watched the Nickelodeon cartoon as a kid, and then went and found the books deliberately to fall in love with.

    In other news, just discovered your Daleks, and absolutely loving them!

  2. I’ve almost got through all of these now, and I’m sorry because I want more. They’re such great fun. And I’ve added several books to my “need to read” list. Thank you for that.

    I couldn’t like the movie for Where the Wild Things Are either. To me it completely missed the point, and I refuse to recommend it to parents. (I’m a children’s librarian.) Ah, well.

    • More are coming! I am glad you like them – some of the books are still on my list too, I’m afraid.

      And yes re the movie – lovely, but for adults, and not so much about the book as about growing out of it.

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