Dalek in Wonderland

Dalek in Wonderland

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and is not the first Alice Dalek (that would be A Dalek like Alice). To my mind, this explains a great deal about Wonderland – although I haven’t worked out yet whether the Doctor’s analogue would be the white rabbit or the Cheshire cat. I suppose it depends on which Doctor. For all my love for Rory, I can’t help casting him as Bill the Lizard (I am also quite fond of Bill).

In other news: I have put up a post about the cover art for Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze. I once (on occasional visits to relatives with television reception) saw and loved a show very like this one: Candle Cove (and I think those common cryptic half-memories are why that piece is so strong – I adore stories with odd, erratic television shows, like Kelly Link’s “Magic for Beginners”).

3 thoughts on “Dalek in Wonderland

  1. no, no, no – the doctor must be the hatter, he’s totally mad ;) – but “off with her head” rather sounds like a disgruntled dalek-heart-queen

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