Civil Dalek in Queensland

So… in a parallel reality in which I am a lawyer I changed jobs at the beginning of this year, and now sit in an office surrounded by textbooks – it was daunting at first, and I thought I would be expected to know all of them, until closer investigation proved most of them to be very out of date and slightly dusty. 1994 texts on computer crime are particularly entertaining. This instalment of the Dalek Game, however, is for that literary giant, Civil Procedure in Queensland.

It is also for Queensland Rail’s current train etiquette campaign, (I have not yet found the name of the original illustrator) , and particularly for John and Mary (which resolved possible issues in relation to gender roles by breaking Mary’s leg).

In other news: I drew a clockwork tiger for Illustration Friday, and an illustration for Angela Slatter’s short story doctor, and for Angela Slatter and Lisa Hannett’s Lair of the Evil Drs Brain. NaNoWriMo progresses apace and has acquired, at this late stage of the ongoing story, a dog named Lastly.

Oh, and there’s a new blog header for November:

November blog header