Civil Dalek in Queensland

Civil Dalek in Queensland

So… in a parallel reality in which I am a lawyer I changed jobs at the beginning of this year, and now sit in an office surrounded by textbooks – it was daunting at first, and I thought I would be expected to know all of them, until closer investigation proved most of them to be very out of date and slightly dusty. 1994 texts on computer crime are particularly entertaining. This instalment of the Dalek Game, however, is for that literary giant, Civil Procedure in Queensland.

It is also for Queensland Rail’s current train etiquette campaign, (I have not yet found the name of the original illustrator) , and particularly for John and Mary (which resolved possible issues in relation to gender roles by breaking Mary’s leg).

In other news: I drew a clockwork tiger for Illustration Friday, and an illustration for Angela Slatter’s short story doctor, and for Angela Slatter and Lisa Hannett’s Lair of the Evil Drs Brain. NaNoWriMo progresses apace and has acquired, at this late stage of the ongoing story, a dog named Lastly.

Oh, and there’s a new blog header for November:

November blog header

12 thoughts on “Civil Dalek in Queensland

  1. I’m sort of astonished at the tagline for that campaign. It seems so…attempting-to-be-hip and actually just kindergartenish. In fact, the whole thing strongly reminds me of Dick and Jane, which I’m sure is intentional, but WHY? Are Australian commuters such fools? And I’ve really got to know why they felt this was necessary – were commuter trains turning into survivalist colonies?

    • Not mine, but perhaps there were certain carriages which are reverting to a surrealist animalism. Personally, I get really bothered when people don’t plug their headphones in all the way and don’t know that everyone can hear their music tinnily too – but that’s more empathy than antagonism.

      • Thank you! After an entire childhood of trying, I’ve finally found a way to be Ariel.

        And it bothers me when I can hear through the headphones of others, as well – mostly because I know they’re damaging their hearing, and I wish they weren’t.

  2. I can understand why that Dalek is going out of the way to do the right thing. Now that Skaro has signed on to a cross-vesting of jurisdiction scheme with Queensland (the constitutionality of which has not yet been tested, I should add) he knows that he won’t be able to just go home and escape the consequences of being sued by an old lady who tripped over because a nasty mutant in a metal casing wouldn’t stand up on the train.

    Actually, this scenario raises an interesting point. If the cross-vesting scheme with Skaro is prospective, and it has been established in the old series (of Doctor Who) that Daleks have access to time travel, will he fall within Queensland’s jurisdiction should he travel into the past. Which is to say, even though he travels to a Skaro in Earth’s relative past, would the fact that he was still subjectively in the future with respect to the introduction of the scheme be sufficient to bring him within the reach of our courts?

    • This is outside my area of expertise and I do not feel it would be appropriate for me to offer an opinion without obtaining further advice. I agree, however, that the point raised above is an interesting one, and worthy of further investigation.

      In order to achieve career advancement, however, it can be highly beneficial to develop a specialty, preferably one not already saturated by graduates or heavily outsourced – have you considered pursuing further instructions and publication in the area of interplanetary time-travel law hereinbefore described?

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