Daleks of the Frost

Daleks of the Frost

Today’s instalment of the Dalek Game is for Kim Wilkins’ Giants of the Frost, which Aimee will rave about at you on demand (“all that Northerness!”) and for certain friends who are involved in a tag-team NaNoWriMo short story assault on the Norse mythology.

In other news: There is no frost in Brisbane, other than on the artichoke which remains unet.  I am working on Christmas illustrations, odd dogs, wedding invitations, long involved fairytale cycles and cooking, the fruits of some of which may in time become evident.

9 thoughts on “Daleks of the Frost

  1. Oh my goodness, I love your Dalek Game. I would totally do it except I seem to have overextended myself, particularly with Illustration Friday, but also others, plus trying to visit and make coherent comments on all the cool blogs I’ve been finding or following. And like you I have a regular job. Yours sounds way more interesting! (I’m an office manager in a pretty tiny office.)

    I totally love how the Daleks have their arms outstretched to catch snow. And I loved the polite one on the train! Hilarious. Such a cool and funny idea.

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