Illustration Friday: Silent

This is for all the fairytale girls who opened their mouths to speak and found instead of words flowers, or diamonds, or toads falling from their lips.

The version above is pen and ink lines with digital colour and textures. The texture on the dress is from one of a number of sheets of ink-and-coffee stains I made for another project. The background is a photo I took with my phone of mud and slime running down the wall of the subway at Oxley railway station before the renovation. The particular styling of the girl is for a retelling of the fairytale I am working on at the moment – connected to the same series of retellings as the “mesmerising” picture.

The version below is a very small pen and ink drawing with blue watercolour pencil (all analogue!) and is a chirpier version of the same:

Illustration Friday: Silent

In other news: I have put up my latest contribution to the Portrait Party Moleskine Exchange (also in inks and blue), sent off a tattoo design and am 500 words shy of being halfway through NaNoWriMo.