Daleks for Elephants

This instalment of The Dalek Game is for Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, which was a very charming, carnivalesque toffee-apple of a book, with a glitter that was missing from the movie.

The novel was also originally a NaNoWriMo piece. Now, every November writing circles tend to have a vigorous debate on whether NaNoWriMo is a good or a bad thing – for literature, for publishing, for one’s own writing. These debates miss the point. It is essentially the world’s largest and most extreme parlour game, and as such is a Good Thing and everyone should be forced to participate.

In other news: Tonight I went to the most beautiful birthday party: open-air backyard night time cinema, cushions on the lawn, candles in hanging bottles, reading lamps, carpets, armchairs, old oil paintings hung on the fences, long whatnots set with glass bottles and striped straws, big glass jars of peach tea and lemon-lime&bitters with fruit floating in them, little brown paper popcorn bags stamped with Shayna’s little wolf and boy stamps, big bowls of flavoured popcorns (cinnamon, salt, hazlenut praline) with old teacups to serve… It was like – oh, Alice in Wonderland and a midnight feast and a carnival. Happy birthday Shayna, it was amazing!