Dalek with the Wind

Dalek with the Wind

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind which, I confess, I have never read. I suffered through the movie several times as a child (I associate it and the Dirty Dancing poster with a very hot spare bedroom in summer in Charleville, but can’t recall whose house that must have been), and it was only a few years ago (and in air conditioning) that I realised how interesting the story is – if you can get past the swelling orchestral soundtrack.

The book is being read by Sophie in Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze, so this is not my first Margaret Mitchell drawing – Belle Watling gave her name to the statue in the maze (although Antigua took that place on the final cover).

In other news: We saw two stone bush curlews with a chick when we were out walking this morning! I had a full night’s sleep last night for the first time in weeks (sleep is so inefficient!) and dreamed someone took me LARPing but all the chairs in the tavern were adjustable executive chairs (I attribute this to too much law conference + Community fan conversations). Aimee and I stayed up late reading the deaths of Marian and Robin in Robin Hood and his Merry Outlaws and the achingly beautiful Robin Hood scene from The Last Unicorn (I may have got a little weepy). I am replacing my computer, so will soon have to find something else onto which to displace all my frustrations and angst. And I only have 8000 words left to write to finish NaNoWriMo this year – and only a few more than that to finally finish the draft of this story!

8 thoughts on “Dalek with the Wind

  1. Thinking wordy, blustery thoughts for you. I read GWTW ages ago; I keeping imagining Scarlett in her green curtains dress whirling about with the Dalek. Her gown would sweep her away. (While Rhett Dalek told her he didn’t give a darn…)

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