A Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation

(View it larger here)

This is my illustration for the invitation to the wedding of the lovely Nicky Strickland and the slightly more elusive Damon Cavalchini. The commission was quite simple: lighthouse, mermaid, two Daleks and a Firefly reference. I drew it in pen and ink and coloured it on the (old!) computer – the colours are quite flat since it was to be printed on textured paper.

Here are the original thumbnail sketches (with bonus thumbnail!) if such things amuse you:

17 thoughts on “A Wedding Invitation

  1. I feel really stupid. I can’t get the Firefly reference. :( However, the invitation is simply gorgeous. What a glorious mermaid!!!

  2. Thank you Kathleen! We are both so happy with our invitation. As I’ve said before and sure to say again, anything that popped in your head would’ve been fine by me :) This illustration has captured our personalities and also the feel the wedding shall have. So very gorgeous.

  3. ‘Tis definitely the most distinctive wedding invitation I have ever seen – and a lovely one at that. Now if you could only get David Tennant to perform the ceremony…

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