A Dalek Carol

Merry Christmas!

This instalment of the Dalek Game is of course for Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and is one of the earlier Daleks I drew, although I decided to wait until it was more festively appropriate (if not seasonally – it is warm and rainy here).

I am fond of A Christmas Carol. My mother used to read it aloud to us, and I still remember the delight of picking it up for myself and discovering it is broken into verses instead of chapters, and the further delight of discovering that great peculiar British Christmas tradition (one of so many) of Christmas ghost stories. The only movie I have ever liked of it, however, is the Muppet Christmas Carol.

Everyone has mocked me for this, and I felt lonely in my conviction. A few years ago, however, I finally purchased Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. It took a while, because on the one hand it was Christmas stories, but on the other it was Connie Willis. Miracle has some lovely stories (my favourite is the riff on Christmas newsletters, “Newsletter”), but the highlight for me are her list of “Twelve Terrific Things to Read” and “And Twelve to Watch”, in which she states, and I quote:

“My two favourites are The Muppets’ and Mr Magoo’s. Not only are they the most literarily faithful (okay, okay, the Muppet one has two Marleys, but it also has Charles Dickens as a character – and Rizzo the Rat), but they’re the most fun. And they have wonderful scores.” 

So maybe now they will believe me.

Internet access and posting may be erratic for a week or two. I’ll do what I can. In the meantime, I am off to read Luke (as Connie Willis says, “This one’s got everything you could ask for in a story: adventure, excitement, love, betrayal, special effects. Good guys, bad guys, narrow escapes, reversals, mysterious strangers, and a great chase scene” ), and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and A Visit from Saint Nicholas and draw with my nephews, and eat – I wish you all just as merry and happy!