Illustration Friday: Grounded

It is rather difficult to fly without fairy-dust (walk with a tail,  sail without a ship, fly to Neverland without someone to lead the way). I’d sort of like to finish this off and print fabric to upholster the armchair in my bedroom, but this may be part of a developing trend in which I wish other people would make my illustrations real for me.

This is pen and ink with digital colour and texture, and is a test swatch for half-a-dozen different jobs and projects simultaneously. Please admire my multitasking.

Back in June I posted a Peter Pan Dalek drawing and forgot to mention how much I like the Peter Pan elements of Matt Smith’s Doctor. It is such a storybook (lots of food and lots of fighting) time for Doctor Who at the moment – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being among the latest of a line of fairly explicit references – but he was Peter Pan first: arriving in the middle of the night to spirit children away, having no concept of time, more or less alighting in the rafters of the church to forbid the bans (as Wendy expected Peter to), telling people never to grow up.