The Dalek Maze

The Dalek Maze

So, this instalment of the Dalek Game may be cheating just a little, since I drew the cover for the original book, but it is a very wonderful book! It is Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze, a fresh, old-fashioned story of slavery, time-travel, wishes, growing up, expectations and family. I say old fashioned not only because of the settings but because it belongs to that sort of unsettling fantasy in which things don’t always go as they ought – I don’t know where it falls exactly, but it covers E Nesbit and Edward Eager.

The book’s page on Small Beer Press links to a number of reviews – including one from Fantasy Matters which reviews the cover art! I found it fascinating both to see it from someone else’s (detailed) perspective and as an understanding of the great good that is art direction.

In other news: I have been cooking kangaroo, drinking coffee, drawing Lydia Bennett, writing with friends in cafes (finished two short stories last week!) and scheming to get to Toronto. Also, the Two Bad Daleks are going to a good home, with $100 gone to the MS Society – thank you!

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