It’s… not a Dalek!

The Runaway Bride (sketch)

Tansy Rayner Roberts, David McDonald and Tehani Wessely are (re)watching and discussing Doctor Who on their blogs, and asked me to draw an illustration for their recap of the Christmas special, “The Runaway Bride”. The episode introduced Catherine Tate’s character Donna Noble. I remember thinking at the end of this episode that I was glad she was a one-episode character – she was so abrasive and exhausting (and funny).

Yet she was such a strong, brittle, opinionated, hurt, human, flawed, good-hearted, brilliant spotlight of a character – so much her own person, so much personality! Of the recent companions, I liked Rose for her background, Mickey for finally getting his act together, Martha for coolly saving the world and finishing her degree, Craig for… well, let’s face it – Craig for Stormageddon, Amy for how she barely stays on the rails, Rory for his endurance (among other things) and Wilfred Mott for everything (he’s my favourite). But Donna was the sort of character who won’t show that she cares whether someone likes her or not, and she was wonderful. Also, she yelled at the Doctor a lot.

The sketch at the top of the page was one of two pen and ink drawings (both smaller than they appear here!). The final is below:

The Runaway Bride