Neverland – Kinds of Blue commission

Pan - Kinds of Blue Commission

This A4 pen and ink drawing was a commission, one of the rewards for support of the Pozible crowd-funding stage of Kinds of Blue. The central figure is a young relative of Bec Jee.

In other news: I am still writing! Kelly Link and Gavin Grant (of Small Beer Press) have been in town, so I have had some wonderful opportunities to talk about books and art and… everything with them, and to take Kelly on what was probably a hair-raising tour of the streets on either side of Wynnum Road (it moves around a lot). On the weekend I went to Kelly’s short-story workshop, “Magic for Beginners”, which was fun and informative, solved a number of difficulties I’ve had and gave me a long list of new ideas (more on this later, if I draw my current plan for this week’s Illustration Friday). In addition, I received some very useful feedback from Kelly on an airship story and Angela Slatter on a steampunk cafe story, so my brain is buzzing pleasantly. Good editing lies ahead!

6 thoughts on “Neverland – Kinds of Blue commission

  1. I like this one, too – and am pleased to read about your writing! If either of those stories gets published, let us know!

    OT: Thanks for your mention of Diana Wynne Jones. I found a copy of “Howl’s Moving Castle” in a library here and it is quite a captivating tale. The idea of a castle both being mobile AND having entrances into several neighborhoods sorta makes one’s head spin. (Like the castle at times, I suppose.)

    • I will, and thank you!

      I’m glad you like Howl! There are two… sequels (Castle in the Air and the House of Many Doors). Like most DWJ sequels the relation to the original book is often tangential.

      Have you seen the Studio Ghibli movie of Howl? Beautiful, highly recommended, utterly charming and surprisingly faithful to the book for the first half-hour after which it deviates wildly but with confidence and great effect.

      • I have not seen the movie but will look for it; I did find reviews of the movie that say much the same as you – a quite good film that does deviate quite a bit from the book itself. Interestingly, Wikipedia quotes Diana Wynne Jones as saying “It’s fantastic. No, I have no input—I write books, not films. Yes it will be different from the book—in fact it’s likely to be very different, but that’s as it should be. It will still be a fantastic film.”

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