The Penguin Rhyming Dalek

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for the Penguin Rhyming Dictionary.

This is the primary purpose of the Dictionary:

1. Choose two categories at random, e.g. 261.67 and 367.23.1.

2. Write a limerick (AABBA) using the first category for the A rhymes and the second for the B, e.g.:

There was a tiger whose striation
Unexpectedly went on vacation
Its fans sought to venerate
It and intenerate
The world for exultant laudation

Well, we work with what we have.

There was once, most ind’lent and immobile
An armoured and marvellous crocodile
Who through skills in purveyance
Purchased a conveyance
Funded solely with traffic in camomile
(219 and 321)