Illustration Friday: Shades

Illustration Friday: Shades

Trying out different approaches to cover, preparation for some upcoming work. The illustration above is all digital (using a coffee-and-ink texture I made last year). The one below (which I prefer – I like the clear lines of ink better than softer digital in general) is pen and ink with digital colour – the only texture is from the drawing paper.

Orange Turtleneck

Possibly I prefer the one below because I would like that sweater.

Edit: Aim for next week is to get the picture up before the topic changes over.

7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Shades

  1. I didn’t make the topic in time last week either, but I am happy to see this now. I like both of these a lot, but the top one is really evocative–scary! Two tiny things take it from being ordinarily creepy to being REALLY creepy….okay, maybe three things. One is the illuminated eyes of the ghosts…especially somehow because they are perfectly lined up with the treeline. And then this clueless women with her sunglasses on, yet the bottom part of her torso and arms have that brown stuff on them…has she been in the swamp? She doesn’t LOOK like she has. Creepy creepy creepy. Also the sky has some of that same color and texture, echoing whatever it is that she has been up too. GREAT illustration!

  2. Both pieces are excellent in each of their respective styles. The first conveys the message and tone, plus the play on “shades” is very well done. The second piece without context of actual text does conveys does not convey anything about the purpose or intended subject. it is a nice sweater. :)

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