My Dalek Goes Bung

Once upon a time, Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin wrote the novel My Brilliant Career. It was published in 1901, was (inexplicably to me, when last I read it) much loved, and was made into a classic Australian film in 1979 (with a very young Sam Neill). I disliked it extremely, no doubt because I was at an age where all stories must end happily (in the Girl! Marry Harry Beecham!! sense), particularly those set in something like my own world (and they so rarely did). So the story has lived in a small, sour corner of my memory for years, enlivened once by discovering the name of the sequel was My Career Goes Bung. That won me back to the side of Miles Franklin, though not the original novel. And then, in February, I read David Golding’s review and now… I think I may have to read it.