The Girl with No Daleks

The Girl With No Daleks

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Angela Slatter’s dark enchanting fairytale short stories collected in The Girl with No Hands, and other tales.

I love fairytale retellings, reworkings, reimaginings – old stories turned out and new stories recognisably true in the context of the old, rules which shift and change but are always the rules of that world. And the colours of fairytales! Sky blue, raven black, dresses of peacock feathers, skin with the sheen of flowers…

More myths and legends, new and re-embroidered, are to come soon from Angela and Lisa

In other news: In addition to recent cover art activities, I have begun to take a… well, neither closer nor frank & fearless, but at least A Look at the LAM (Large Amorphous Manuscript). Which is, of course, full of fairytales.

2 thoughts on “The Girl with No Daleks

  1. A mash-up with the delightful Angela Slatter as the target author? Can it get any better than this, Kathleen?

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