The Invisible Dalek

The Invisible Dalek

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for H G Wells’ The Invisible Man, the only Wells I have read the whole way through (made it up on Verne).

In related news, apparently Tesla invented the Daleks, as well as everything else.

In other news:  Sue Bursztynski has been hosting a series of excellent behind-the-scenes posts on the stories in Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear. They aren’t tagged, but they start on 30 June, and you can work forward from there. It’s a sort of director’s commentary, with input from the authors and both the editors, and I’ve loved reading them! The post on my story, “Kindling”, is here, and has pictures: Kathleen Jennings Kindles

7 thoughts on “The Invisible Dalek

  1. Thanks for posting the link to that blog post on your story, “Kindling”. It was an enjoyable review. I also liked the “Invisible Dalek” and would hope invisible Daleks would not be SILENT Daleks. :-)

  2. You so need to read The History of Mr Polly. You possibly also need to be distracted during your reading by pencil drawings that escape, by mistake. Wells (when not writing SF) wrote some stuff that ought to be very much down your alley. If you’ve read it and it isn’t, then I’m sad. Mr Polly is one of those books that ought to be illustrated by you…

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