Illustration Friday: Bounce

Illustration Friday: Bounce

As a distraction from everything else, I’ve been working on some repeating patterns. This one is pure digital scribbling, and memories of trampoline days (house rules: one at a time, no shoes, in the middle). Our trampoline was given to us when we lived in Brisbane by our piano teacher. Her neighbour’s children had jumped on it in football boots, so for a time it only had half a mat. This made it much easier to get back to the ground without being zapped by static electricity. It made a wonderful cubby house, shade in Brisbane summers, a cool place to all lie in a row and talk on country evenings, a startling one-legged descent when the mat finally perished and gave way.

I may upload the other pattern soon. The new header is an extract from it.

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Bounce

  1. This is cute. Perfect for the wallpaper of a gymnastics studio. I admit to being curious about how repeating patterns are at all interesting to draw. When I try to think of the writing equivalent, it sounds dull as toast. Naturally you don’t have to explain if you don’t feel the urge. Just part of the general how do you do that anyway that I feel about visual art.

    A bit sad that the header changed. I loved, loved, loved the “Jadis as 30’s Agatha Christie villainess” mashup of July.

    • I am sorry. I will try to do more Christie again in future.

      The interesting part is getting the pattern to match up and not ‘clump’. Once I work it out to my satisfaction it may lose its fascination.

      May. There remains the question of why I do many things I do!

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