Illustration Friday: Teacher, and a Frog Prince pattern

Illustration Friday: Teacher

Pencil sketches for “Teacher”, with a touch of digital colour (you should be able to see a larger version by clicking on the picture)). The badger is of course Badger of Wind in the Willows, “learning” the denizens of the Wild Wood. The question mark is for Rudyard Kipling’s six honest serving men.

And here as a bonus is another attempt at a repeating pattern (all digital, but working off this very useful set of analogue instructions). I like the idea of a fairytale print, but there needs to be more going on. This forms too obvious a grid.

Frog Prince

I may develop it further. Here is a pencil and digital sketch for another scene and style:

Frog Prince

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Teacher, and a Frog Prince pattern

  1. this is lovely, the badger is wonderful and I love the couple, the woman trying to teach the man to knit.
    I really so like your artwork and your blog. I found it via pinterest and finding your awesome daleks there. :)

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