Illustration Friday: Tall

Illustration Friday: Tall

Escaping from giants! I love doing these little fairytales in cut-paper, for all the hunched posture and cramped fingers they require. The texture behind this one is an old book cover.

Here is another treatment of it, and also proof of what I mean when I say I work very small! This one is just over 6cm tall.

13 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Tall

  1. Oh wow, that is small. I pictured something much larger even when you mentioned that it was small, so thanks for the visual demonstration. I love these as well and am even more impressed with how delicate/intricate the work is on this scale. I look at it and want to scream, “Run!!!”

  2. To me the small size of these would seem to increase the level of artistry needed to craft one. Like Carl I had not realized they were quite THAT small. (I guess I have seen woodcuts, of which these remind me, as tiny.) But you pack a lot of story into just a few square centimeters, and I continue to marvel at your creative process.

  3. I agree with Carl V. – even after you told us the size, I didn’t grasp the tiny scale until I saw the photo with the hand. Amazingly precise work.

    And speaking of scale, showing nothing but the giant’s legs and hand really drives home how huge he(?) is compared to the escaping people.

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