Illustration Friday: Imagination

A head full of wolves for this week’s Illustration Friday. Pen and ink with digital colour (the texture is that of the paper I drew on).

Naturally, I tried out a full Little Red Riding Hood repeating pattern for the background. I’m not unhappy with it – I’ve gone so far as ordering some of it as a Spoonflower swatch, so I will report back on that adventure. In the meantime, here is a section of it without reader:

Wolf pattern

And this is what the two blocks of drawing look like (because I was determined to work from first principles and not move bits around once they were drawn):

It is entirely possible I was avoiding thinking about recent developments in Queensland politics. Everyone copes with stress differently.

In other news: You can win a Dalek drawing of your very own by answering the question at the bottom of this interview: Rowena Cory Daniells: Meet Kathleen Jennings.

Oh, and the September blog header is from the pattern, too: