Illustration Friday: Burst

Illustration Friday: Burst

Because it takes so much longer than just drawing a picture, this week I am still playing with repeating patterns. This time, it is a pattern of bursting seedpods. I like what I tried with it, but it isn’t quite as seamless a repeat as I want. Here is a close-up of the base pattern:

Illustration Friday: Burst (base pattern)

And here is a snippet of another pattern, just trees, which worked much as I wanted it to. If the Little Red Riding Hood fabric swatch I ordered arrives and works, I might try this one, too.

Into the woods

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Burst

  1. I really love the top one. Seems like kind of a departure for you in terms of time period – this is clean and 1950s-ish (maybe even 1930s or 1940s-ish with an anachronistic dress?) instead of Edwardian and jammed with detail (which I love, of course; that’s observational and not pejorative). What made you decide to do this kind of silhouette with this pattern?

    • Thanks! Just a little departure :). I do love drawing Edwardian, intricate, ornamented pieces, and I adore that school of illustration, but my personal taste (as a consumer rather than artist) for some reason skews more Art Deco–>midcentury (with a lot of orange) than Art Nouveau. So I thought I’d play with that era of fashion illustration to present the pattern.

  2. if i should ever write a book, i want you to illustrate it! unfortunately phd thesis don’t usually have illustrations and that is all i have time for at the moment.
    but i am german and writing fairy tales seems to come naturally, so maybe some day there will be more than just a few bits and pieces …

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