Our Mutual Dalek

Our Mutual Dalek

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for my very favourite Dickens novel, Our Mutual Friend, my appreciation for which I have previously expressed. I still love it. It is excessively elaborate, indulgent, melodramatic, neat, funny, and odd. After an intensive course of Heyer rereads, which has left me criticising things by saying they are “nothing out of the common way”, I am about to read Our Mutual Friend again, for its skilled taxidermists and harmless pieces of dinner furniture, Red Riding Hood references, reversals of fortune and very satisfying ending. And then I will probably watch the miniseries again, for all that and Paul McGann.

2 thoughts on “Our Mutual Dalek

  1. Haven’t read a new to me Dickens for a long time, but reading your description in the link makes it sound like the usual Dickens (a good thing) with even more going on, or more wackiness going on, than usual. You’ve got me intrigued, for the miniseries as well. The fact that it stars Anna Friel is a bonus.

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