Going Abroad – posts may be intermittent

In less than 12 hours I should be on the plane to America and Canada for the World Fantasy Convention and Illuxcon. I am… packed? And have art for the art show (with only one week’s notice – this may have broken some of the laws of physics but my local cutter-of-mat-board is a superhero).

 Also, I am veering from blind panic to anticipation, which is encouraging:

I will post if I can while I am travelling – if you follow me on Twitter or are friends on Facebook, I may also post quick updates and photos there. Until I return, however, the Daleks and Illustration Friday pictures must languish on the desktop.

And if you are at either World Fantasy or Illuxcon, please say hello! WFC is my first overseas convention and Illuxcon my first illustration convention, and I will know far fewer faces than usual.

Catching up on sketchbook uploads!

It’s been a little while, I know! But here is the second half of my last sketchbook, for posterity etc. As usual, clicking on a picture will take you through to Flickr where you can see larger versions.

First, shoppers in Mount Ommaney shopping centre last October – note the durable popularity of maxidresses. It was a hot October, like this one.

Page 26

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Illustration Friday: Sky

Illustration Friday: Sky

Two little drawings for Illustration Friday, to keep me cheerful in between packing and panic. Both are pen and ink with digital colour.

Illustration Friday: Sky 2

Dalekriders of Pern

Dalekriders of Pern

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern, and was a special commission. It’s been a while since I read these!

In other news: Road-testing an iPad. Jury remains out. Also rereading Our Mutual Friend, and that is going very well. And trying to get my affairs in order before going to North America, which – argh. Affairs had been allowed to lapse. But I’m getting there!


Dalek in the Mist

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Hope Mirrlees’ rich and strange novel Lud-in-the-Mist. It is mysterious and thoughtful and marvellous, but never uncomfortably odd – that is, it doesn’t have the sort of oddness which throws me out of a book into the cold. Its colours shift, but they are warm. Its figures cast shadows, but all of them are lovely. It is literate and poetic without being dissatisfying. I have not retained the plot as clearly as an impression of – oh, of The Princess and the Goblin combined with “The Goblin Market” and Picnic at Hanging Rock.

In other news: I have sold a short story, hurrah, more details to follow in time – sometimes I get to be a writer, after all! I am indulging in far too many Heyer novels – comfort re-reading, but I have started criticising things as being “nothing out of the common way” or saying that I am “quite out of charity” with the man who MAULED my trees, so maybe I should pull back. Mostly I am trying not to FREAK OUT about leaving the country in TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. I am trying to conduct myself like a seasoned world-traveller, with few physical requirements and a delightfully carefree attitude to long-distance travel, but in truth I haven’t been out of the country in four years, and my base state wasn’t quite so perpetually overwhelmed then, and basically I am spending a lot of time freezing and thinking this. And then lying rigid on the floor, drumming my heels and doing this. So that’s going well.