Catching up on sketchbook uploads!

It’s been a little while, I know! But here is the second half of my last sketchbook, for posterity etc. As usual, clicking on a picture will take you through to Flickr where you can see larger versions.

First, shoppers in Mount Ommaney shopping centre last October – note the durable popularity of maxidresses. It was a hot October, like this one.

Page 26

Dhipawali festival celebrations in King George Square, and generic evening celebrations in South-Bank.

Page 27

Regulars at my regular cafes – although my path doesn’t take me through ANZAC Square Arcade food court so often now. The patisserie there would give free fresh cinnamon doughnuts with coffee. Bleeding Heart cafe and gallery is generally awesome – I do a lot of writing and sketching on the veranda in summer, and reading on the sofas inside in winter.

Page 28

The Queen came to town!!! I wrote to her when I was little, and have a reply from one of her ladies-in-waiting. Since she was in town, Deb and I went over to South Bank on our lunch break to watch her arrive by river. That is the Queen in green and our previous Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in hot pink. It was a blisteringly sunny day and someone near us fainted.

Page 29

More views from Bleeding Heart:

Page 30

And studies of the South Burnett Community Orchestra playing at the bustling metropolis of Murgon. I do love drawing the curly bits of instruments.

Page 31

Heheh – I like this page. There was water running across the footpath near Bleeding Heart, and everyone crossed it differently.

Page 32

Headgear at Mount Ommaney Centre:

Page 33

Feet, faces, a cigarette and a Santa hat:

Page 34

Hands and more hats:

Page 35

GOMA had a Matisse exhibition, which included a wonderful room with still-life arrangements and life drawing, paper, pencils etc (GOMA knows how to do dazzlingly FUN exhibitions). As part of the promotion, they did (draped) life drawing accompanied by live music in the middle of Queen Street Mall:

Page 36

And listening to a commission – ah, court tourism: what we do on our weekends.

Page 37

Birds. And I seem to have spent a disproportionate amount of time at South Bank in this sketchbook. Hmm.

Page 38

I love gallery sketching! (Here at the actual Matisse exhibition). And dancing feet at Swing Shack. I think those at bottom left belong to Shayna.

Page 39

A change in the weather and, for some reason, only the top half of the view from the Runaway Bay Marina.

Page 40

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