Going Abroad – posts may be intermittent

In less than 12 hours I should be on the plane to America and Canada for the World Fantasy Convention and Illuxcon. I am… packed? And have art for the art show (with only one week’s notice – this may have broken some of the laws of physics but my local cutter-of-mat-board is a superhero).

 Also, I am veering from blind panic to anticipation, which is encouraging:

I will post if I can while I am travelling – if you follow me on Twitter or are friends on Facebook, I may also post quick updates and photos there. Until I return, however, the Daleks and Illustration Friday pictures must languish on the desktop.

And if you are at either World Fantasy or Illuxcon, please say hello! WFC is my first overseas convention and Illuxcon my first illustration convention, and I will know far fewer faces than usual.

6 thoughts on “Going Abroad – posts may be intermittent

  1. Have a great time! I was a bit concerned about you and your trip what with the hurricane currently aiming for our East Coast, but Toronto should be out of harm’s way, and the storm should be over and done with by the time you need to be in Pennsylvania. (Besides, hurricanes never make it through the Allegheny Mountains as far west as Altoona.)

  2. I hope you have (or had in case you read this when you get back) a wonderful time in our country. I hope we give you lots of love as your work is amazing and you and your creations deserve it.

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